Thursday, September 22, 2011

Go-To Embroidery Stitches for Any Project ~TUT~

These stitches are very simple. They give most any project genuine charm and personality.
Most of my work contains only these stitches. Just layer them, add to them, and add a bit of you to everything you do.
back stitch
chain stitch or lazy daisy stitch
french knot
split stitch
couching stitch
satin-shading stitch

I would love to direct you to a wonderful instructional website called Needle'n Thread. Mary Corbet takes you through these stitches and many more by video. My other favorite website for learning stitches is Sarah Whittles Artful Threads. She lists stitches from A-Z and walks you through using images of each step.

Now what do you do with all of these stitches? Find some inspiration but be sure to change things up to reflect you and your creative spirit. Try following the shapes and lines on a large patterned fabric. This can be fun and nudges you into making creative decisions. Try a sampler! Simply section off a nice piece of linen or cotton and fill each section with a new stitch! This is a wonderful way to create a reference for future use. I keep one at the computer and practice.

If you are a pattern person, (that's okay too) try some of Carina's Craftblog's free patterns or go to her shop Polka & Bloom to purchase her adorable designs.

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