Thursday, August 31, 2006

Be Happy NOW!

They say "Life is A Journey, Not a Destination".

This is a quote I want to remember the next time I sigh and say "I wish............." or on those occassions when I subconciously think "I will be happy when..........."

There's really no better time to be happy then NOW. So I choose to be happy NOW. Being happy NOW means learning to be happy and thankful for the little things in life. Being happy NOW means learning to be happy about everyday things that seem too trivial to matter.

This sentiment is captured so well in this lovely poem I found on the web a while ago. The poem is called "The Station". Go visit the link and I am sure you will find the poem a meaningful read as I did. I'm sharing the link here for your enjoyment and for my reference. I love to collect beautiful things and having a blog is my way of collecting and storing stuff I like in my little cyber filing cabinet.

Have a nice day and remember to be happy NOW! (not tomorrow, next week, next year or after I...........).

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